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Save Money on Suboxone

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

A question we get asked a lot here at GetSuboxone is, “How Can I Save Money on Suboxone?” When googled, this question is bombarded with ads for local doctors and telemedicine services providing Suboxone treatment services. You don’t get a real answer. Here is the real way to find an affordable Suboxone Doctor:

Here are some things to look out for:

Medicaid Eligibility

Check with your local state or county social services department to see if you are eligible for Medicaid.

One of our clients was paying $590/month for her medications because she didn’t realize she could use her Medicaid to help her get Suboxone. By using her Medicaid, she still receives Suboxone, but now she pays $2/month instead of $590/month.


If you have health insurance, you shouldn’t be paying more than $50 a month to see a Suboxone doctor. Many of our clients reported paying $600/month just for their visit; this doesn't even include the actual cost of picking up the Suboxone prescription from the pharmacy.

An In-network doctor is a doctor who works with your insurance company at a discounted rate, so you end up paying less. The cost to see these doctors typically range from $0-$50 per visit. Each doctor is different, but most doctors typically see the patient once a month after the first month.

See an In-Person Doctor

It may seem ironic, but seeing an in-person doctor can help you save money. There are many popular Tele-MAT providers telemedicine option for MAT. One service is Workit Health. They charge $390 for the first month, and $300 per month after that. The downside to these services is many of them do not accept insurance. A client contacted us who was using a Tele-MAT service that cost him $199 a month. We found an in-network doctor near him for $30/month and squeezed him in for an appointment the next day. He saved over $2000/annually just by switching doctors.

Stop overpaying for your Suboxone treatment. We help patients’ find a Suboxone doctor for a fraction of the price they were previously paying. Book a free consultation today to find out how much you can be saving annually.

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